The Wyld Men


Jonathan Crocker is Dr. Cranius Lunch.

Douglas Mumaw is Seth Sethstherton

Jimi Torrey is Senor Jimi

Welcome to the Fair Haven Historical Guild, where Seth and Dr. Lunch leads the assembled membership on thrilling and hilarious Theatrical Adventures.

For some obscure reason there is a large pit of mud in front of the old Guild Hall, so every adventure is a muddy adventure, too.

Senor Jimi enhances the experience with accompanying rhythms, percussive accents and sound effects.

The Wyld Men appear annually at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.
2008: Weekends through March 30.

Meet the Wyld Men

The Wyld Men
are produced in association with
Douglas Mumaw 
also performs as 
Dirk Perfect in 
The Swordsmen

Douglas and Jonathan also perform in the street at the AZ Renaissance Festival, playing music on vegetables.

Check out the CD Veggie Music